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A Privileged Lifestyle on the Atlas Foothills

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Located in the heart of the Marrakech Palm Grove, Amelkis Resorts is a luxury residential complex alongside an equally luxurious golf course.

The project truly offers its residents the best of both worlds: the tranquility of a quiet golfing community and the exotic open-air delights of a world-renowned tourist destination. Amelkis Resorts brings golfing to the fore, presenting the perfect opportunity for enthusiasts to purchase their villa or own plots of land adjacent to an international championship course.

Amelkis Resorts is a garden of tranquility to wake up where one can begin their day with a few rejuvenating strokes or just a leisurely stroll. The range is a treat for the eyes, with cypress, eucalyptus, palms, olive, orange and apricot trees creating a beautiful bouquet of nature’s bounties.

In this idyllic space, EMAAR introduces AMELKIS RESORTS, a paradise that allures the senses and captivates the soul. Amid rugged snow capped Atlas folds, lies a haven of peace with its unique and privileged lifestyle that reconciles luxury, peace, and joy of life.

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A 10-minute drive from the heart of Marrakech, away from the bustle of city life, Hattan is an exclusive villa neighbourhood at the heart of Amelkis Resorts.

Marking its territory on a lush open fairground where nature is on show in all its myriad hues - a delight to behold all year round. During winters, snow transforms the Atlas into towering castles of white, while spring covers the vast plain with a blanket of green as it brings back the bloom.

Hattan Villas

Elie Mouyal


Traditional materials are no secret to the architect. Bejmat, terracotta bricks, Tadellakt and carved wood are harmoniously used to redefine majestic spaces.

Spectacular vaulted terracotta, double heights and patios along with entangled corridors, define a subtle continuity of emotions and wonders.

The Mouyal signature in Hattan combines introvert architecture and openeness where indoor and outdoor are intimately linked. Terraces, verandas and gardens are present in each space.

Elie Mouyal

Charles Boccara


The celebration of interior spaces characterizes the signature of the architect Charles Boccara, a passionate of the Red city. Generous volumes, reinterpretation of the Moroccan house with its intricacies and heights, intimacy and light, are concepts characterizing Boccara villas at Hattan. The rich and evocative architectural vocabulary of the south of the country is subtly used by the architect.

The living room, bedrooms and bathrooms are spaces where pleasure, tranquility and luxury come harmoniously together. The garden and the light of Marrakech are celebrated naturally.

Charles Boccara

Amelkis Resorts 3


In an enchanting natural environment with a magnificent and breathtaking view of the snow-capped Atlas Mountains, the new phase of Amelkis Resorts project truly offers buyers the opportunity to build the villa of their dreams while combining the best of both worlds : the famed tranquility among the golf community and the joy of living so specific to the city of Marrakech.

Amelkis Resorts 3


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